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2local is a loyalty platform that supports local-2-local and sustainability. It is tapping into banking with native L2L tokens, which are designed to rise in value as part of a cashback system. The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all.


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16 March 2020

media about 2local

2local, an eco-conscious fintech company from the Netherlands, is about to present an innovative Blockchain-2.0 powered platform of the same name, 2local, which is tapping into banking...

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2local is the first company of its kind to provide a smart marketplace, which aims to connect consumers with all the neighboring companies that produce sustainable goods and services..

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The L2L token is a unique, sustainability-focused cryptocurrency that maintains a stable yet rising exchange rate, performing the role of a buffer between digital assets...

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2local platform

2local is an innovative blockchain powered loyalty platform, which offers a smart marketplace that connects local and sustainable companies and consumers.

how it works

1. Buy L2L tokens via app Users can buy L2L tokens via 2local app, website or via the exchange. If a user buys tokens via 2local authentic means (the app or the website), he or she will get 1% discount.

2. Find connected companies Companies that produce local and sustainable goods can get a 2local note in their wallet. This will let the connected people receive L2L tokens that can be exchanged for coins (max. once a month).

3. Buy from connected company Every transaction with L2L tokens (purchases and exchanges) is complemented by a small commission by 2local system. This amount of L2L tokens, designed to rise in value, will be used for cashback system and further development.

4. Get monthly cashback Once a user becomes a part of 2local system, he or she will be receiving cashback in L2L, which will act as a reward for buying local and sustainable products from connected companies.

7. Profit to L2L depot After buying L2L tokens on the exchange, 2local holds the tokens approximately one month. The profit from value rise will be used in 2local cashback system as well.

6. 2local buys L2L tokens 2local will buy L2L tokens from the exchange with a smart algorithm designed to keep the exchange rate steady climbing.

5. Exchange L2L for fiat Connected companies will benefit from a free loyalty program for their costumers, who get the unique possibility to convert the L2L cashback back into fiat money.

why 2local?

Emerging Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency market is getting stronger every minute, as more people start to prefer digital currencies to traditional ones because of economic insufficiency of the current system.

Unique Cashback System

People who support local and sustainable companies are rewarded with 2local's native L2L tokens. A small fee is collected from each L2L transaction and divided amongst 2local system participants.

Tokens Designed to Rise in Value

The value of L2L token will rise with each new user, because a) buying goods and services with L2L tokens will make the intrinsic token value rise; b) token utilization creates more demand and liquidity, which makes the token rise in value exponentially.

Sustainability & Business

2local blockchain technology offers transparency of all the system. This interdisciplinary approach leads to the application of smart technologies. This will make technologies accessible and will contribute to worldwide prosperity.

Multi-Currency Wallet

2local website and apps have a native multicurrency digital wallet for every 2local participant. This will make cryptocurrencies closer to people and make it easier to incorporate our L2L token into the crypto world.

Marketplace of Connected Companies

Users can search for affiliated companies with the help of different filters. This option brings consumers closer to companies that sell sustainably and locally. Affiliated companies receive free advertising and more potential customers.

L2L platform status


3 pillars...

Financial crisis, poverty and hunger, inequality, climate change, pressure on our ecosystems, decrease of biodiversity? We are facing a man-made crises that threaten our lives on this planet. To help overcome these serious problems 2local combines three essential pillars


Local systems are best suited for achieving sustainability. They help us reconsider our social and ecological values, and develop relationships that reward quality and fairness.

Blockchain technology

2local cashback system aims at increasing global prosperity through rewarding people, who buy local and sustainable products. 2local has a loyalty platform with cashback functionality, a marketplace that connects vendors and consumers, and a smart trading algorithm to ensure L2L tokens are rising in value.


The 2local community uses blockchain technology to create sustainability and prosperity. Therefor we have our own blockchain with L2L as native coin. Our blockchain is low energy consuming, ultrafast and has a highly secured consensus mechanism.

We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?

The L2L tokens for the Initial Token Offering (ITO) are built on the Stellar blockchain. Stellar doesn't use much energy for the consensus mechanism, which makes it suitable for 2local. Our loyalty platform has a cashback functionality which requires its own blockchain for collecting the 1% transfer fee. We are building our own blockchain with the L2L as native coin. The low energy consuming, ultrafast and highly secured dPoS is used as the consensus mechanism. Being fully ERC-721 compatible, other projects can easily build their own tokens on this blockchain.


L2L token distribution is set to strengthen the token itself and the 2local investors and community. Comany's innovative approach to will ensure high Return On Investment (ROI) for our investors.

We plan to build a strong L2L token by selling 54% of total supply during ITO, dedicating 33% to 2local ecosystem, 9% to promotion and 4% to our contributors.The tokens are the vital part of unique cashback system, so this will keep the token rate rising. The remainder of L2L tokens is allocated to promotion and contributors, no extra tokens are kept aside for the core team.

The token sale revenue allocation will be the following:

  • 40% - 2local ecosystem (cashback system development)
  • 38% - operational costs
  • 12% - marketing
  • 5% - research
  • 5% - development

2local Explainer Video

Find more about 2local and join our forthcoming IEO.

successfully reached

Q1 2018

Q2 2018

Q3 2018

Q4 2018

The company was founded under the name D-Crypto

Project official announcement

Authentic token-based economic model development

Native L2L token development

Q1 2019

Q2 2019

Q3 2019

Q4 2019

ICO campaign

MVP iOS development

One-pager created

KYC (AMDL5) protocol

White Paper redaction

MVP Android development

2local website development

soon to be reached

Q1 2020

Q2 2020

Q3 2020

Q4 2020

IEO campaign Further 2local platform development

20+ connected companies

Comprehensive platform audits

Quality testing

IEO on tier-1 exchange

the 2local Team

Antony Chang (DEng)

CEO & Founder

Antony Chang has 20 years of leadership experience in large commercial construction projects. He has left this field of work to fully concentrate on his blockchain projects, 2local and Construction Handshake ( He's also busy with the final stages of receiving a worldwide recognized MBA.

Henk de Leeuw

CFO & Co-Founder

Henk de Leeuw has worked in Finance most of his career, starting at an accountancy firm, working at different company’s and now working as an interim financial professional and management consultant. To further broaden his personal and professional horizons, he’s studying for an MBA title.

Harry Donkers (PhD)

CSO & Co-Founder

Harry Donkers is a scientist with experience in the fields of price and input-output analysis, cost and price functions, internal market, management research and philosophy. He has a PhD and is skilled in Food Technology and Econometrics. He published many research articles and various books, like Local Food for Global Future and A Better Countryside With Every Bite.

Aura Kuipers

CCO & Co-Founder

Aura Kuipers is a serial entrepreneur and author of the book The Power and health of Womanity. She speaks about how excellent communication is the key to our wellbeing. With eight years of experience in the field of strategic partnerships and knowledge from her international studies, she is an excellent mediator. She has had an impact on creating multiple profitable collaborations.

Rutger-Jan in den Bosch (DICT)

CTO & Co-founder

Rutger-Jan in den Bosch has more than 2 decades of experience in computer sciences. He has Bachelor in Computer Sciences and a PhD in Artificial intelligence. For the last 15 years, he has been an entrepreneur in the automation business and has several different projects on his name.

Robert Hehakaya (Msc, MBA)


Robert Hehakaya is a seasoned executive in business and technology. After a global tenure at IBM he has been involved in a number of start-ups and innovation programs. The emerging Blockchain technology, AI & Robotica are his areas of interest in building sustainable businesses with societal impact.

Aldrius Low (B.Sc)


Aldrius Low is the Head of Product at a well-established Spot FX and CFD brokerage. He has a lot of experience in this industry, both in retail and institutional offering. In the past, he worked for an asset management solutions firm. He is a data fanatic and was awarded first class honours in Economics from the University of Warwick. Aldrius is a CFA charterholder.

Jatinder Kapila

Technical Officer

Jatinder Kapila is our Technical Officer. He monitors and tracks the progress of our project. He has handled numerous projects throughout various countries and has experience in coordinating Website Development or Mobile App Development projects. His basic goal is to motivate the team, track performance, and report metrics.

Samneet Kapila

Senior BDM

Samneet Kapila focuses on client-oriented services according to their needs and requirements. She work dedicatedly in taking a lead role in the development of proposals for new business materials, prepare project proposals, time frames, schedule & budget to create and nurture business opportunities and partnerships.

Raman Pandwar

Senior Writer

Brought up in India. All schools went to in India and got Graduated from Chandigarh University India. Occupant of India for a long time. 4 years of involvement with limitation. In excess of 7 million words converted into Hindi. Indian interpreter and language lead represent considerable authority in the limitation of programming, sites, applications and recordings. Blog and article writer and did hundreds of Project reviews.

Katia Smits

Senior Press Officer

Katia Smits has a passion for language and communication that exceeds life itself. Language was her first love. She believes that no project can become truly successful when you don’t have the right means to communicate it to the world. She has been writing since she was a young toddler and has 13 years of professional experience in the content- and copywriting industry.

Christof Waton

ICO Advisor

Christof Waton is the co-founder of a private investment syndicate and CBDO for liquidity framework ( Business Development is his strongest skill. He has the right certificates and a strong network, gathered through international conferences. He has a Bachelor's degree as an ICT telecommunication engeneer.

Sharp Ye

ICO Advisor

Sharp Ye is a Blockchain industry enthusiast, PR expert and Listing & IEO advisor. As a member of the advisory board, he provides professional consultations such as funds raising, marketing promotion and exchange listing to help the project achieve better development.

Shehzad Khan Yousafzai

ICO Advisor

Shehzad Khan Yousafzai is a professional developer and Marketer. He creates the most unique concepts and methods for product market making. Shehzad is a professional advisor and expert in Icobench, ICO, ITO, IPE, STO and IEO. He has created his own innovative strategic formula for product

Sahil Kapoor


Sahil Kapoor is a self-directed and motivated technical Project Developer with 8+ years of experience in Web Development. He provides customer satisfaction, Top Quality & High Speed Work and makes clients happy with the optimised results. With his vast knowledge he can work on any medium or complex project.

Amir Naghavi

Android Developer

Amir Naghavi is a Senior Android developer with over 5 years of experience in the software industry. He has a bachelor in computer science and a solid background in related fields. Amir mostly worked at EU based companies to help them with their enterprise level mobile platforms.

Eleni Karamanoglou

Executive Assistant

Eleni Karamanoglou is a dynamic and dedicated Executive Assistant with 4+ years of professional experience in the Tech and Maritime Industry. She holds a BA in International and European Studies and is currently working on her Master in Visual Communication. Eleni's goal is to anticipate professional needs in an organization or company and proactively identify and resolve problems.

Stratos Kokkinakias (LLM)


Stratos K. is 2local’s law specialist. He is a Representative at the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands and has a Master’s in Criminal Law from the University of Utrecht. He helps 2local with our legal questions and problems. Alongside his law career, he owns a Greek restaurant about Utrecht. He is fluent in Dutch, English and Greek.

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