Local systems are best suited for achieving sustainability. They help us reconsider our social and ecological values, and develop relationships that reward quality and fairness.


2local cashback system aims at increasing global prosperity through rewarding people, who buy local and sustainable products. 2local has a loyalty platform with cashback functionality, a marketplace that connects vendors and consumers, and a smart trading algorithm to ensure L2L tokens are rising in value.


The 2local community uses blockchain technology to create sustainability and prosperity. Therefor we have our own blockchain with L2L as native coin. Our blockchain is low energy consuming, ultrafast and has a highly secured consensus mechanism.


Cashback System

2local, an eco-conscious fintech company from the Netherlands, is about to present an innovative Blockchain-2.0 powered platform of the same name, 2local, which is tapping into banking...

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2local is the first company of its kind to provide a smart marketplace, which aims to connect consumers with all the neighboring companies that produce sustainable goods and services..

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The L2L token is a unique, sustainability-focused cryptocurrency that maintains a stable yet rising exchange rate, performing the role of a buffer between digital assets...

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  1. Q1 2018

    The company was founded under the name D-Crypto

  2. Q2 2018

    Project official announcement

  3. Q3 2018

    Authentic token-based economic model development

  4. Q4 2018

    Native L2L token development

  1. Q1 2019

    2local platform development

  2. Q2 2019

    Whitepaper MVP Android

  3. Q3 2019

    Onepager KYC AMDL5

  4. Q4 2019

    Start ICO MVP IOS

  1. Q1 2020

    Start IEO campaign
    Further 2local platform development

  2. Q2 2020

    Delay by Covid-19

    20+ connected companies

  3. Q3 2020

    Delay by Covid-19

    Comprehensive platform audits
    Quality testing

  4. Q4 2020

    Delay by Covid-19

    IEO on tier-1 exchange

  1. Q1 2021

    Blockchain audits
    Quality testing
    IEO on tier-1 exchange
    Listing L2L coin
    Connecting 20+ companies

  2. Q2 2021

    Debit card
    Further development:
    - Exchange
    - Smart Contract ERC72
    - Android and iOS app
    Connecting 80+ companies

  3. Q3 2021

    Further development:
    - Platform
    - Exchange testing
    - Smart Contract ERC721
    - Android and iOS app
    Connecting 120+ companies

  4. Q4 2021

    Platform migration

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